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The Most Advanced Threat Detection and Prevention Platform

Metadefender leverages 100+ anti-malware, data sanitization, vulnerability, and other security engines for the best protection against known and unknown threats.

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Trusted by Over 1,000 Organizations

Organizations in industries such as nuclear, defense, government, and finance trust our solutions to secure their data flow and meet strict compliance requirements.

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Threat Detection and Prevention Platform API

Leverage 7 threat prevention and detection technologies through a single API. Includes 30+ anti-malware engines leveraging both heuristic and signature-based detection, 90 data sanitization engines, file type verification, archive scanning and extraction, and vulnerability detection and automatic updates for endpoints.

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Email Threat Prevention

Add a second layer of defense to existing email security gateways from Websense TRITON AP-EMAIL, Barracuda, Cisco IronPort, Proofpoint, and more. Combat increasingly popular document-based attacks with 30+ anti-malware engines and 90+ data sanitization engines.

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Web Security with ICAP Server

Scan all network traffic through an established proxy server, eliminating openings for advanced threats to enter an internal network. Integration with leading reverse proxy and web proxy servers including F5® BIG-IP® Load Traffic ManagerTM (LTM®), Blue Coat® ProxySG, and Squid.

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Secured and Air Gapped Networks

A safe process for transferring data to and from secure and air gapped networks. Protects organizations from targeted attacks and hefty compliance fees by controlling the flow of data both in and out of secure networks. Use true one-way communication by leveraging our available data diode integrations.

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Endpoint Forensics

Scan endpoints prior to a network, web or server login or for regularly scheduled security checks. Perform multi-scanning of endpoints for viruses, keyloggers, and other malware.

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Endpoint Posture Assessment

Verify the security and compliance posture of endpoint devices via static analysis. Expose APIs to enable third-party solutions to consume and react to reported postures. Integration available with leading secure and network access solutions from PackFence and PFU Systems.

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