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Webinar Recap: Metadefender Kiosk and NRC Milestone 8 Inspections

My colleagues and I were onsite for the first NRC Milestone 8 inspections. We took away some key observations relating to deployments of Metadefender Kiosk.

7 Essential GDPR Requirements to Know

Starting on May 25th, 2018, all companies that do not comply with the GDPR will be faced with heavy fines. But what is the GDPR?

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Top 5 Ways to Keep Email Inboxes Secure

Email is the primary vector for targeted cyber attacks. If you have not taken steps to increase your organization's email security, it's time to start!

Blocking Malicious File Uploads, Part 1: Best Practices

For productivity, it is necessary to allow file uploads. However, a malicious file that makes it into an organization's internal network can wreak havoc.

Ransomware Is Now an Enterprise Threat: How OPSWAT Can Help

Ransomware poses a huge threat to SMBs and large enterprises alike. Find out what ransomware is, how it works, how to prevent ransomware, and more.

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10 Things to Include in Your Employee Cyber Security PolicyFuture post

When addressing cyber security threats, human error is a factor that is often overlooked. However, according to the 2014 IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index, over 95% of all incidents investigated involved human error. Although human error can never be eliminated entirely, incidents can be reduced by establishing clear cyber security guidelines and providing regular employee trainings.

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7 Tips for Helping a New Team Member Succeed

Integrating a new member is something every team has to go through every now and then, so I figured that we could all use a little refresher on making the “newbie" feel welcome and setting them up for success. You might not have been a new hire for quite some time, so here are a few suggestions to help create a smooth transition for both you and your new team member.

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Ten Tips to Avoid Massive Data Breaches | Don’t be the next Anthem!

Several major breaches make the headlines each year, with notable recent breaches including Anthem, Sony and a Billion-dollar cyber heist discovered by Kaspersky. Companies like Wendy’s, VTech, and many others have also had records exposed in the millions. If you want to know how many data breaches have happened so far this year, you can check it out on the ITRC's website (The Identity Theft Resource Center). Year to year, we have seen these data breach trends increase, along with the costs of securing adequate cyber security solutions. How can organizations better protect themselves from future data outbreaks? Read our list of the top ten tips to learn how.

Many of our customers, from large enterprises to small business, are wondering what they need to do make sure they aren’t the next big data breach headline. The good news is that most breaches can be prevented by a common sense approach, coupled with some key IT security adjustments.  

How to Build a Global Support OrganizationFuture post

One of my goals over the past few years has been to expand OPSWAT’s support operations to overseas offices in order to better serve customers in their local time zone and to provide 24-hour support for our premium customers. In order to achieve this, we needed to make sure that a new support team could mimic the characteristics of the local support group, including: a deep understanding of our products; relationships with our engineers, product managers, and sales teams; and the ability to adapt to rapid introduction of new products, product features, and product behavior with limited documentation and training. Expanding and globalizing a support team that was ready to grow beyond the confines of the headquarters and sole office of the company was a daunting prospect! 

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