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OPSWAT Partners with SKD Labs to Further Enhance OPSWAT Certification Program

The partnership between OPSWAT and SKD Labs ensures that only the highest-quality security applications will be listed as OPSWAT Gold Certified security applications.


OPSWAT Partners with SE Labs to Enhance Certified Security Application Program

The partnership between OPSWAT and SE Labs ensures that only the highest-quality security applications will be certified by OPSWAT's Certified Security Applications Program.

New Online User Guide Provides Customers Easy Access to Resources

We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible resources. With the launch of our Online User Guide, Metadefender customers can now access all of our user guides in one place and can gain a deeper understanding of our products. Our Online User Guide also provides access to various resources including:

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OPSWAT and ICSA Labs Team Up to Enhance OPSWAT Certification Program

The enhanced partnership between OPSWAT and ICSA Labs will ensure that only devices using high-quality anti-malware applications can gain access to a secure network.

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We Exceeded Our 'Team for Kids' Fundraising Goal

Thanks for supporting me and my fellow executives in fundraising for Team for Kids for the New York marathon. With your help, we surpassed our fundraising goal!

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Event Wrap Up: OPSWAT Cyber Security Seminar in Israel

We just finished hosting another successful event, the OPSWAT Cyber Security Seminar, held at the Israeli Air Force House in Herzliya, Israel. Along with our Israeli partners, eBusiness Design and Bulwarx, we held a seminar to demonstrate the latest research in the cyber security industry and showcased newest products and features as well as integrated solutions. 

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OPSWAT Releases Updated and Expanded OESIS Support Charts

We recently updated our OESIS support charts to make it easier to find the anti-malware, patch management, and encryption applications that are OPSWAT certified.

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Update On Multi-scanning Engine Licensing Options

Our relationships with our Metadefender Core and Metadefender Cloud engine providers are extremely important to us. In order to maintain a strong relationship, we wanted to emphasize that our multi-scanning technology has different licensing options for Non-Security Application Developers compared to IT Admins. There are no third-party licensing restrictions to use our 90 data sanitization engines, also known as Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR), and Vulnerability Engine. Anti-malware engine availability differs in our multi-scanning packages depending on the intended use case:

OPSWAT Announces New Japanese Website

OPSWAT is excited to announce the release of our Japanese website, offering localized content about our Metadefender threat prevention and detection platform.

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Commercial Version of Metadefender.com Now Available for Purchase

During the past few months, we invested considerably in our cloud solution, Metadefender.com. We worked hard to deliver a highly scalable and reliable infrastructure, while at the same time respecting the requirements of our anti-malware partners to build an acceptable program for the industry. 

We are receiving more and more inquiries for cloud integrations and are seeing end customers move more services to the cloud. As an example, there is alot of interest in Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solutions, which act as a layer of security for enterprises adding cloud productivity solutions to their workflows. Even though the CASB market is viewed as the security layer, it’s only the broker. No decisions are made based on the sanity of the data. This is where OPSWAT and partner solutions such as CloudLock, a Cisco company, come into play (read more about OPSWAT/CloudLock integration).

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