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Infographic: Cyber Security Kiosks Protect Organizations from Malware

In 1984, there were only 12 known malware samples. In 2015 (31 years later), there are 400 million known malware instances with an additional 390,000 new threats emerging daily. These statistics are alarming, especially for operators of critical infrastructure, where the aftermath of a cyber attack could be severe. One of the biggest threats to these organizations are those that can enter via portable media. Since most of these facilities operate offline and the only way to bring in data is through portable media, they need an effective way to check for threats to maintain the highest security.

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Infographic - Phishing and Spear Phishing: What do you need to know?

It seems like phishing and spear phishing are constantly in the news, usually accompanied by an announcement of yet another major data breach! The first recorded phishing event occurred in the mid-1990's, and the attacks have grown in scope and sophistication as technology has improved over the past twenty years. 

We thought it would be interesting to research the history of phishing; our results are in the infographic below, alongside some of the latest phishing statistics and prevention measures. If you found our infographic helpful please share it with your network, and take a look at how our anti-phishing tools can keep you from taking the bait!

Infographic: What is Multiscanning?Future post

Consumers often assume that anti-malware multiscanning is best used by large companies or industries with strict data security regulations like healthcare and finance. But in reality, multiscanning is a very effective security measure for small businesses and anyone interested in protecting their data. We realize that the value of multiscanning can be a hard concept to grasp, so we decided to make an infographic to break it down a bit!

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Infographic: Is Your Computer a Zombie?Future post

It's a dark and gloomy day here at OPSWAT's San Francisco headquarters. #BayAreaStorm is trending on Twitter, infrastructure delays may impact our ability to get home tonight, and, worst of all, most of our staff is suffering from serious The Walking Dead withdrawals. After that mid-season finale, we cannot wait for the show to return in February. Now, some of you may be wondering what zombies have to do with securing and managing IT infrastructure. Well, it turns out that botnet attacks are creating hordes of cyber-zombies that cause serious damage! 

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