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Blog: network security

6 Reasons Why Traditional Network Access Control Is Dead

NAC is dead, and a number of developments came together to kill it. Here are 6 reasons why IT administrators should think outside the traditional NAC box.

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Unpatched Vulnerabilities in BYOD Environments Leave Organizations Exposed to Attacks

Vulnerabilities are a major cyber security concern, especially when employees are bringing personal devices into corporate environments or using IoT devices.

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New Metadefender Video

Metadefender for secure networkWe just published a new Metadefender video showing how system administrators and other IT professionals can overcome one of their biggest challenges: controlling data coming into and leaving an organization. Check it out to learn about the newest features of Metadefender!

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USB Drives Strike Again, Indian Navy BreachedFuture post

Several publications including InfoSecurity Magazine and The Register recently reported that the Indian Eastern Naval Command experienced a breach in their maximum security facility earlier this year, when USB drives infected with malware were introduced to their non-internet connected PCs.

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