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Webinar Recap: Metadefender Kiosk and NRC Milestone 8 Inspections

My colleagues and I were onsite for the first NRC Milestone 8 inspections. We took away some key observations relating to deployments of Metadefender Kiosk.

Video: How Upwork Cut Zero-Day File Attacks by 70%

On September 21st, OPSWAT and Upwork hosted a joint webinar about advanced threat prevention with data sanitization (Content Disarm and Reconstruction).

Webinar: Unmatched Threat Protection & Analysis with Metadefender Future post

Watch our webinar to discover how the Metadefender Product Family offers unmatched protection from both known and unknown threats. Metadefender is ideal for those in need of a comprehensive security platform, including IT admins, Independent Software Vendors and malware researchers. 

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August in Review

OPSWAT just released our quarterly market share report with new vendor data! The report, our article about a hospital facing a $218K HIPAA fine, and info about our new partnership with Arbit Security and their Lightspeed Datadiode are all great reads to find out how certain services can leave your network vulnerable, how you can secure it from targeted attacks, and what to do if once your network becomes infected. Read about all this and more in the August newsletter, and tweet us @OPSWAT if you have any questions!

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Webinar: Secure Data Flow Solution for High Security Networks Future post

This was a great webinar where OPSWAT and Arbit Security discussed their combined solution that enables secure and threat-free one-way data flow between low security and high security networks for Industrial Control Systems (ICS), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks, and Government and Military classified networks. 

Webinar: Introducing Metascan for Linux!

We are excited to announce that Metascan® now supports Linux systems! OPSWAT's Szilard Stange demonstrates the newly released Metascan version for Linux in this webinar. Metascan technology increases detection rates for all types of malware without the hassle of licensing and maintaining multiple antivirus engines. As the first robust multi-scanning solution for Linux environments, Metascan for Linux now offers unmatched scalability and security for scanning network traffic, file upload and transfer protection, malware research and more. 

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Webinar: Cyber-Securing Your Supply Chain

Join us for our third and final webinar in the series 'Cyber Security Challenges for Energy'. We hope that you have enjoyed the series so far and have got some really valuable information over the last number of months. If you have not had a chance to attend the previous webinars; don't worry, you can still catch up and watch 'The Top Five Cybersecurity Challenges for Energy' and 'How to Handle an Energy Sector Breach' which are available on our website.

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Webinar: How to Handle an Energy-Sector Breach

Join us for our second webinar in the series "Cyber Security Challenges for Energy", where we will hear from cyber security expert Cynthia James of Kaspersky Lab. In the last webinar, we learned how the Energy sector is set to face five of the biggest challenges and the precautions that companies should be taking in order to protect themselves from cyber threats.

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Webinar: Top Five Cyber Security Challenges for the Energy Industry in 2015

The energy sector is set to face five of the biggest challenges in cyber security this year. With high costs at stake these companies are vulnerable to security threats, like critical infrastructure attacks, data destruction, breaches, insider threats and much more. It is time for the energy sector to proactively address these threats that are targeting their most valuable assets before it is too late. 

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Metascan Online Public API - Free Webinar

Metascan Online Webinar

We are very excited to announce the availability of a new feature to Metascan Online, the Metascan Online Public API! This API, currently in beta, is now accessible for all users.

The Metascan Online Public API allows users to harness our cloud multi-scanning technology to scan files for malware or search for previous scan results using a file’s hash (MD5, SHA1 or SHA256). The API allows easy integration of malware scanning with the more than 40 antivirus engines included in Metascan Online, from leading security vendors such as Kaspersky Lab, McAfee, AVG, Avira and many others.  

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